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​Đại lý phân phối
và bảo hành chính hãng

Rumblefish hiện là đại lý chính thức của các hãng thiết bị hàng đầu thế giới như Bauer, Aqualung, Scubapro, Suunto.

Với hơn 10.000 mã hàng, chúng tôi cam kết lựa chọn thiết bị lặn phù hợp nhất cho cá nhân từng người thợ lặn, cũng như tối ưu đầu tư thiết bị các doanh nghiệp lặn

Khách hàng

"Thật sự yên tâm khi kết hợp với Rumblefish Team để huấn luyện và đào tạo các bé về đại dương cũng như chương trình sơ cấp cứu cho các giáo viên của Konnit"

Hoang Minh Huynh, Co-Founder Konnit Adventure Zone & Bike8

  • What is PADI different from other diving organizations?
    There are about 130 diving associations in the world. PADI is the most popular association which accounts for 75% of market share with 137,000 instructors, 6,600 dive centers&resorts, and has issued 29 million certifications. These achievements are thanks to the regularly updated learning and training programs as well as its highest demands to PADI instructors and divemasters. Registeration at PADI centers grants you an access to the most efficient, fun and safest learning method in diving. PADI certification is the most recognized in the world (183 nations and territories).
  • I cannot swim, can I learn diving?
    You can swim, it is an advantage. You cannot swim yet, it is not problem. You are still welcomed at Rumblefish You can start with using diving gears in confined water where you can stand comfortably. Our instructors will teach you how to swim with mask, snorkel and fins as an alternative to regular swimming. Don't hesitate to ask for extra training sessions when you are not confident yet to dive in open water!
  • When can I register for the course?
    You can register anytime to start thanks to elearning and flexible schedule with the instructors. Your results will be reserved for 12 months. We offer the most efficient, most convenient and safest learning method to the most busy divers. Contact us to learn how to register your account and start your diving course without concerning too much about the timetable!
  • Can my kid register a diving course?
    6-year-old kids can register the Junior Mermaid course. 8-year-old kids can register the Seal Team course.
  • Why should I register a diving course at Rumblefish?
    The first PADI 5-star centers owned and operated by the Vietnamese More than 20 years of experience with 200,000 dives and 0% of accidents The chain of Rumblefish centers based in Phuket and associated with a variety of centers in Vietnam as well as in Southeast Asia to offer you the most option of dive sites All the staffs are certified and annually renewed by PADI Updated training programs and non-pressure learning enviroment: flexible e-learning schedule, unlimited confined water training session, patient and encouraging teaching team
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